Could You Be Marketing To The Wrong Audience?

Depending on what industry you’re in, you’re marketing efforts could be missing the mark.

If you’re industry is travel, health and wellness, or home improvement, you should be targeting Baby Boomers, the Silents, and Gen Xers.

Collectively, these generations have the highest net worth per household totaling up to $4,040,207 by Q3 2022 (see graph below).


Bar graph showing baby boomers per household net worth

Q3 2022 Bar Graph of Baby boomers net worth per household

Providing an excellent customer experience – online

Studies have shown that customer trends are continuing to change. Today, customers are willing to pay more for the experience they receive. And that just one bad experience and they will leave.

What’s this mean for businesses who market to this audience?

When you’re planning your website layout, do you take the time to consider the fonts and colors? These generations likely have vision issues so using white text on a hot pink background with a Baguet Script font is probably not something they can read.

Instead, use a white background and black text whenever possible. Make sure that the font you choose is clear and easy to read.

Keep in mind that some of this audience may suffer from either or both visual or hearing disabilities so you will want to make sure that you have title tags on all images and graphics as well as the alt text.

Do you have a chat option for help 24/7?

Providing an excellent customer experience – on the phones

Are you using an automated answering service?

Have you checked the volume of the service to make sure that it is at an acceptable volume that most people are able to hear it?

Do you offer a TDD option for your callers?

Do you offer both the option to enter or speak their numbered selection?

Do you offer translation for Spanish, French, Hmong, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, and any other languages for the population of the country you service?

Are your customer service agents trained to be patient with the elderly customers, or are they worried about their phone time and trying to end the call as quickly as possible?

In every call center I worked in, call time was the driving factor. That is a costly statistic to track, but isn’t it more costly if your agents aren’t taking the time to service your customers properly?

Patience is required when communicating with the elderly and those who may have a disability. Making them feel rushed only aggravates the situation.

Don’t make them feel like calling into customer service is an issue. They should feel welcome to call for any questions they have and be thanked regularly for their patronage.

Call center agents should have a script to follow to keep the call flow on track, however they should also have the discretion to listen to the callers’ needs and make adjustments as needed to satisfy those needs.

Providing an excellent customer experience – in email

When you create your emails, are you creating a text version as well as html?

Again, are you carefully considering the fonts, text and background colors you’re using?

Are you making sure to be gracious and thank your readers and offering value with the email?

Remember, the privilege to send someone an email can be revoked at any time. You’re an invited guest in their inbox and need to offer value and gratitude to your readers. Or you may no longer be invited.

Offering value can be as simple as including a link to your FAQ or asking them to reply with any questions or comments they have. You want your readers to be engaged and left feeling like their feelings and needs matter to your company.

Taking an active role in customer experience

When you apply these tips to your marketing and customer experience, you can see an increase in profits, customer retention, and brand loyalty.

Making these small adjustments can continuously improve your bottom line.

Marketing in a way that is comfortable to your target audience, (Baby Boomers, the Silents, and Gen Xers), can lead to referrals for the next generation that follows.

The statistics also show that Baby Boomers are more likely to remain loyal and to by online so your efforts to create the ultimate customer experience will not go unnoticed.

If you’re unsure of ways to improve your customer experience why not consider a customer retention audit?

An retention audit is a review of your marketing materials, social media, website, and call center procedures. It’s a deep dive into the strategies you currently use and how to improve on them.

Suggestions for improvement are provided and a checklist to periodically review within your company to make sure that you’re not missing the mark is included.

It is an inexpensive way to increase your profits without spending more on advertising.

Contact me today to have a customer retention audit of your business.

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