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My name is Michele and I want to thank you for visiting.
Inside these pages are my personal works of art.
If you look, you may find a masterpiece or two among them. 

Published Articles

Digital Copywriter Articles

This is a 5-part article series on Digital Copywriter’s website based on The Go-Giver book by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

Email Marketing Campaign

Complete Email Marketing Campaign for AWAI

This email marketing campaing includes 2 welcome emails, an FAQ email, and an urgent clicker email.

a person using a laptop

Teaser Email 

This email is a teaser email where you get the reader curious enough to click for more information.

two men facing each other while shake hands and smiling

Customer Retention Package

Customer Retention Portfolio Sample – Michele Elliott
Complete Customer Retention Package

This customer retention package contains a welcome email, an upsell email, a website FAQ, and a phone script for customer service.

Blog Article

This 1000 word blog was submitted to a client showing the Title tag, SEO keywords, and meta description. 

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